VRACHT – Documentary Feature

Kategorie: featured film documentary

On a container ship, the young sailor Rudmer dreams of becoming a captain himself one day. When newcomer Tycho comes on board, Rudmer is annoyed by his colleague's laziness. He tries to motivate Tycho, but he leaves the ship. His place is taken by Leanne, with whom Rudmer quickly builds up trust. But their closeness only lasts for a short time, as Leanne decides to switch to another ship.

With Rudmer Souverein, Leanne van Turenhout, Daan Bonsing, Tycho van de Waal, Martin Greck


  • Writers – Max Carlo Kohal, Tania Stöcklin, Roman Stocker
  • Producer – Nicole Ulrich, Jonas Ulrich, Philipp Ritler
  • Executive Producer – Luzius Fischer
  • Co-Producer – Karin Koch, Urs Augstburger
  • DoP – Lukas Gut
  • Additional Photography – Max Carlo Kohal
  • Editors – Tania Stöcklin, Roman Stocker
  • Music – Mirjam Skal
  • Sound Design – Oscar van Hoogeveest
  • Color Grading – Daniel Loepfe
  • Mentor To The Colorist – Jürgen Kupka
  • VFX – Daniel Loepfe
  • Location Sound – Max Carlo Kohal
  • Sound Mix – Oscar van Hoogeveest, Martin Scheuter
  • Music Mix – Daniel Dettwiler
  • Production Assistant – Laura Süess, Joris Keller
  • Post Production Supervisor – Daniel Loepfe
  • Assistant Editors – Gabrielle Azouze, Noa Röthlisberger, Zoé Buess
  • Transcription – Anouschka Gooneratne, Noa Valks
  • Title Design & Artwork – Rio Basel, Alessandra Puricelli
  • Accounting Dynamic Frame – Nayan Barby
  • Equipment – ZHDK, Dynamic Frame, Visuals Switzerland
  • Produced by – Dynamic Frame
  • in co-production with – Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Master of Arts in Film
  • and – SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, Redaktion Urs Augstburger & Gabriela Bloch Steinmann
  • Mentor to the director – Sabine Gisiger, Maurizius Staerkle Drux
  • Line Producer ZHDK – Filippo Bonacci
  • Administration ZHDK – Claudia Hürlimann D'Amato
  • Technical Equipment ZHDK – Gian Courtin
  • Post Production ZHDK – Ralph Wetli
  • Program Director – Sabine Boss